Our goal at Vibral Street Galleries is to combine our development as artists with the intention to raise funds for charity. The Vibral Street Galleries donate the proceeds of the sale of artwork to charities and welfare organisations that are largely focussed on education, youth and animal welfare.

We do this through the sale of artwork from our network of artists around the globe. The artwork is of high quality, as are the materials used in the production process. Orders placed inside South Africa are delivered free of charge, and the artwork is itself themed on aspects of education and youth.

The artwork is developed through a combination of sketch and painting techniques, with impressionism featuring strongly. Digital enhancement is used to create effects that are not possible using traditional techniques.

"Ice Station". An illustration of chaos theory and non-linear dynamics as applied to the art of ice-skating. EqArt-006

“Ice Station”. An illustration of chaos theory and non-linear dynamics as applied to the art of ice-skating. EqArt-006

There are four main categories of subject. The first series is called Equation Art, where specialised equation-brushes are used to create the scenes. The scenes have special meaning connected with the equation, and depict phenomena associated with the physical world. The series was created with the intention of stirring the imagination of students. At present, there is a growing issue with education, particularly in South Africa but also in the world in general. These images are intended to stimulate students and renew an interest in the sciences by showing the beauty in the Sciences.

In The Art in Poetry series, the painting was created with the intention to illustrate a poem that was written first. In most cases, the poem is available and supplied free of charge with the painting.

The Art in Yoga series attempts to show the energy flowing through a body when it undertakes the practice of yoga. The intention is to stir the person looking at the painting to action; to get up and exercise and become healthier and happier. Of course, the human figure features strongly in these paintings, and in some cases the figure is abstracted to emphasise the specific energy flow.

Epic Proportions is a series that depicts scenes from Hindu mythology. These paintings are a modern version of the

Triangle. Yoga-002

Triangle. Yoga-002

characters in Hindu Epics that for a long time were painted in specific ways. The modern style is adapted to keep the relevance of the energies that drive the behaviours of people in the world today.

Any image may be reproduced using the following media. If stock of a specific image and media type is not available, they can be ordered immediately at no extra cost for delivery anywhere in South Africa.

Canvas size Cost [South African Range, ZAR]
A4 400
A3 560
A2 900
A1 2000
A0 2500


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